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Menu Manager: Scheduling different menus
Menu Manager: Scheduling different menus

Create, edit or remove scheduled menus using the Menu Manager tool

Written by Ash H
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Menu Manager in Hub allows you to add a menu for different times of the day, or for special occasions.

This article will show you how to add, edit and remove a scheduled menu using Menu Manager.

What is a 'default menu'?

All partners have a 'Default menu', which we'll show to customers when you haven’t scheduled any other menu.

Scheduled menus set which categories of items you want to show customers during specific times regardless if you are open or not.

What is a 'scheduled menu'?

Just like your in-house menu, Deliveroo lets you use your existing menu categories to set up to 5 menus, which appear for a limited time in the day or week.

e.g. a 'breakfast menu' which only appears 9am-12pm, or a 'weekend breakfast menu' which only appears for these times at the weekend.

Consider creating a category for any time-specific items you might have on your menu.

Creating a scheduled menu

  • Using Menu Manager, click on the 'Menus' tab

  • Then click '+ New Menu'

  • Select the categories of items you want to appear for this menu

  • Choose the timing for your scheduled menu

  • Select 'Add menu' and 'Publish'

Your menu will now be visible for customers, based on the times you've chosen.

Editing a scheduled menu

You can edit Categories and availability using the same steps.

This allows you to change what appears in your scheduled menu and/or when your menu appears.

  • Using Menu Manager, find the menu you want to edit

  • Use the pencil icon to select the menu

  • 'Edit availability' / 'Edit Categories'

  • Select 'Save' and then 'Publish' when your changes are ready

Changing category position

  • Using Menu Manager, tap "Edit menu"

  • Navigate to the "Menus" tab and click on the name of the scheduled menu that you wish to edit

  • Tap 'Edit categories' and select 'Change category position'

  • Re-order the categories as you wish

  • Click 'Save' and then don't forget to tap 'Publish' for any changes to take effect

Removing a scheduled menu

  • Navigate to Menu Manager

  • Click 'Edit menu'

  • Click the 'Menus' tab

  • Click the three dots and select 'Delete menu'

Find out more about what you can do with Menu Manager.

It's your responsibility to ensure that your allergen information is accurate and up-to-date at all times, find out how to add allergen information to your menu.

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