In Hub you can add and edit hero photos on your menu(s). This article will show you how to upload and edit your hero photos in Menu Manager.

Hero photos appear at the top of your menu and are a great way to showcase your business to customers.

Adding a new hero photo

  • Go to the 'Menu Manager' page in Hub

  • Find the right menu and click 'Edit menu'

  • At the top of the menu, click on the image icon and click 'Upload photo'

  • Once the photo is uploaded, click 'Save'

  • Click 'Publish' and your hero photo will be reviewed by our team. It will appear on your menu when it has been approved.

Editing a hero photo

  • Click on the image icon in the bottom right corner of the hero image

  • Click 'Actions' and select 'Upload new photo'

  • Once the image is uploaded, click Save

  • Click 'Publish' and your new hero photo will be reviewed by our team. It will replace your current hero photo once it has been approved.

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