In Hub you can control which items that are displayed in your menu. This article will show you how to add, edit and remove a menu item.

With Hub, you can edit items using Menu Manager.

Adding a new menu item

  • Go to the Menu Manager page in Hub

  • Find the menu you want to add the item to and select 'Edit menu'

  • Scroll to the category where you want to add the item and select '+ New item'

  • Add item information: name, description, image, prices and tax rates and click 'Add item' once you’re done

  • Click 'Publish' to set the menu live with the new item

Editing a menu

  • In ‘Menu Manager’ click on the menu item you want to edit

  • Make any changes to the item name, description, image, price or tax rates

  • Click 'Save' once you’re done

  • Click 'Publish' to set the menu live with the edited menu item

Removing a menu item

  • In 'Menu Manager' click on the menu item you want to remove

  • Click "Delete item"

  • Confirm you want to delete this item

  • Don't forget to 'Publish' your menu if you want your saved changes to go-live for your customers to see

Adding purchase restrictions to menu items (Approved retail partners in the UK only)

In some countries, there are legal restrictions around the quantity of some items (e.g. paracetamol) that a customer can purchase individually or across their whole basket. There may also be legal restrictions around upsell, marketing and promotions on some items.

You can add restrictions on Menu Manager from the ‘Classifications’ drop-down menu. Adding classifications means that you’ll continue to be legally compliant as we will make sure that our restrictions reflect local regulations. Once a classification has been selected, the appropriate restrictions will apply to that item.

These restrictions either limit the number of items a customer can purchase in a single order, and/or remove items from featuring in promotions / marketing / upsell.

How to apply classifications to menu items

  • Add a new item to your menu via Menu Manager in Hub

  • Click on the ‘Classification’ drop down and select the relevant option(s)

  • Click 'Save'

  • Click 'Publish' to set the menu live with the classification(s)

This is what your customers will se when viewing a restricted item:

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