How we present restaurants to customers is always changing. We want to move beyond a static restaurant list to provide a more tailored, personalised experience to individual customers.  

Why are we offering personalisation for customers? 

The restaurant list aims to target restaurant menus at their optimum customer. This means restaurants will appear higher up the list for customers who are more likely to order from them. As such, the restaurant list will vary from customer to customer, as well as across the time of day. We want to show people who always order healthy food a healthier range, and people scrolling the app at breakfast time eggs and pastries.

This offers a better experience for customers - who can see what they want, quicker. It also means that we will be making restaurant menus more visible to new and existing customers who are likely to convert on your menu.

This means your menu will be seen by relevant customers who are more likely to convert along with existing customers helping you build loyalty and retention.

Everything you need to know about the restaurant list:

  1. Restaurant order ratings
  2. Prep times
  3. Delivery times
  4. Rejecting orders
  5. Opening hours

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