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How do I appear higher in the restaurant list?
How do I appear higher in the restaurant list?

Learn how you can be more visible on Deliveroo and reach more customers

Written by Ash H
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We show your restaurant to customers who are most likely to order from you, based on which restaurants a customer has ordered from before and the behaviour of similar customers.

There are also important factors that you can influence, which can help your business appear higher in Deliveroo's restaurant list:

1. Customer ratings

Ratings can have an impact on your position in the restaurant list. Keep your ratings high by delivering on time, using quality packaging and avoiding missed or incorrect items. Find out more about increasing your ratings.

2. Menu photography

Restaurants with menu photos can boost their orders by 24%. Find out more about the importance of showcasing your food with photography.

3. Order acceptance rate

We've found that when a restaurant rejects a customer order, it reduces the chances of that same customer reordering. For customers to have the best chance of a great experience on Deliveroo, we push restaurants with a high order acceptance rate to the top of the app. To increase your order acceptance rate, switch on auto accept.

4. Traffic

Link your website and social media channels to your Deliveroo brand page. This can increase traffic to your menu and can lift orders by up to 5%. Find out more about creating a Deliveroo brand page and how to link to it.

5. Estimated order duration

This is the time taken for a customer to receive their food after placing their order through Deliveroo. The quicker you can prepare the food, the shorter the estimated order duration (EOD). A shorter EOD gives you a better chance of appearing higher up in the restaurant list. Learn more about how we calculate EOD and prep times.

6. Proportion of orders made during each hour of the day

We will feature restaurants higher up the list at lunch time if the restaurant has stronger business at lunch compared to dinner.  

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