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How to turn your website visits into extra orders
How to turn your website visits into extra orders

Link to your brand page on Deliveroo

Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago

What is a brand page?

A homepage for your restaurant on Deliveroo. Your page includes a description, image, some of your most popular dishes – and it sends customers to the menu for their local branch. 

Customers who land on your brand page won’t see any other restaurants. They’ll be sent to the right menu so they can place their order, fast.

See how Tossed UK are making the most of their brand page: 

What do I need to do?

Just add a link from your site, or update your old link. We’ll give you the URL.

If I link to my brand page from my website, how many extra orders will I get?

This varies depending on how many people visit your website and how many click the link. There are no guarantees, but on average, links to brand pages generate 4 times as many new orders as links to menu pages. 

Where should I place the link?

A prominent spot on your homepage will likely get the best results, as more customers who visit your site will see it. The fewer clicks you can put between the customer and their food, the better. 

Why should I link to a brand page instead of a menu?

Each menu only applies to one of your restaurants. So by linking to a menu, you risk losing customers who can’t order from that restaurant. Brand pages change that. Customers enter their delivery address and go straight to the right local menu. 

Should my website ask customers for their postcode, so I can send them to the right menu?

Yes. Asking customers to enter their postcode first would be helpful here – once you have their postcode you can work out if they’re likely to be in a Deliveroo area. From there, link to your brand page. This does mean customers will have to enter a postcode twice, but overall it’s a better experience than going to the wrong menu.

I need different links for different restaurants because I work with multiple delivery partners. Can I benefit from a brand page?

Some partners do this, but it’s an unreliable way to find out which local branch is right for the customer. Our delivery areas are not circular, so it’s hard to make sure you’re sending them to the right branch. Brand pages are the only way to guarantee you’ll send customers to the right menu.

What does it cost?

Getting your branding page is free. We’ll create the page for you. All you have to do is add the link to your website in an easy-to-find place.

Why not give it a try? 

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