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How the Deliveroo restaurant list works
How the Deliveroo restaurant list works

Understand how we list restaurants to customers on Deliveroo

Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago


What is the restaurant list?

The restaurant list is how we present restaurants to customers on Deliveroo. The higher up you are on the restaurant list, the more visible you are to customers.

Why do customers see different restaurant lists?

The restaurant list is personalised for each customer. Restaurants will appear higher up the list for customers who are more likely to order from them.

For example, customers who always order healthy food will see restaurants offering a healthier menu at the top of their list. People scrolling Deliveroo at breakfast time will see restaurants serving breakfast foods at the top of their list.

This offers a better experience for customers and means you are more visible to customers who are likely to order from your menu.

What else affects the restaurant list?

Where you appear on the restaurant list is also influenced by:

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