Prep time is our term for how long it takes restaurants to get an order ready for pickup. An order is considered ready when it’s prepared/cooked and collected by a rider. We use prep time to calculate the estimated order duration (EOD) we show to customers on the restaurant list.

EOD's can impact your restaurants position in the consumer list. Restaurants with short EOD’s are placed higher on the consumer list. 

Estimated order duration calculation 

EOD =  time to prep food  +  time to pack the vehicle with the food  +  time to travel to customer. 

25 minutes = 15 minutes + 3 minutes + 7 minutes

Top tips for reducing prep time and EOD's: 

  1. Prepare for time on the ticket. Always aim to have the food ready for the prep time on the ticket. 
  2. Be consistent. The algorithm learns how consistent you are at meeting the prep time for every order. So, to reduce prep times make sure you are consistently handing over every order before the target rider arrival time. 
  3. Prepare your packaging before service. This can save you the minutes you need during the loading stage to reduce your prep time. 
  4. Clear stations. Clearly labelling an area for riders to pick up delivery orders will save you loads of time. We recommend designating a table area or use a hot holding unit.
  5. Dedicated staff member to handle delivery. If you haven’t got a hot holding unit or the space we recommend assigning a member of staff to just focus on delivery, freeing up other staff to focus on in house customers. 
  6. Labelling orders. Always staple a ticket with an order number to the outside of the bag, so a rider can easily identify their order. This will save time having to negotiate with the rider as to what order they should be collecting. 

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