How to manage refunds in Hub

Everything you need to know about finding, disputing and tracking refunds.

Written by Ash H
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We’ve made managing refunds easier than ever by putting them all in one place in Hub.

You now have more control over refunds too, with the ability to submit a dispute in Hub and track the status of each dispute.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to review refunds and disputes:

  • Go to the ‘Sales’ page in Hub and select the ‘Refunds’ tab, here you’ll see an overview of all refunds and their status

  • To get more information on a refund just click on the ‘Order number’

  • To dispute a refunded item, select the item and add the reasoning

  • Once done, you can submit the dispute and track its status in the ‘Refund disputes’ tab


Remember to read our Help Centre article on everything you need to know about refunds and to check out our top tips for reducing refunds. You can also learn more about why you have been charged for a refund, as well as how Deliveroo is safeguarding restaurants against fraudulent claims.

Can I check the status of a refund I’ve disputed?

You can check the ‘Refund Disputes’ tab where you can see if a dispute is in the process of being reviewed, has been approved or has been rejected.

How long do I have to dispute a refund in Hub?

You can dispute a refund up to 7 days from the refund issue date.

How will the approved dispute appear on my payment statement?

The approved dispute will be visible on the payment statement and invoice as usual.

I want to challenge the rejection reason for the rejected dispute, can I do it on Hub?

You will be able to contact support agents by replying to the approval or rejection email confirmation that has been sent to you within 72 hours.

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