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How is Deliveroo safeguarding restaurants?
How is Deliveroo safeguarding restaurants?
Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago

At Deliveroo, we work hard to ensure our partners feel happy and safe using our platform. On occasion, like many other businesses, we experience ‘bad actors’ that use our platform for fraud and abuse. We’re continually evolving our systems to detect this activity to benefit our partners.  

For example, our systems look at:

  • Customers that claim more regularly than usual

  • Customers that claim for a high value order

  • Customer evidence that is not relevant

  • Locations that claim more regularly than usual

  • Suspected fraudulent claims by new customers

  • Customers attempting to create multiple accounts

Where we suspect customers may be submitting fraudulent claims, compensation is not given.

We also have robust measures in place to detect and prevent rider fraud:

  • A zero tolerance policy for fraudulent behaviour

  • A strict policy on the use of thermal bags

  • Tracking and reviewing of significantly long order journeys

  • No riders are allowed multiple accounts

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