To make refunds as fair as possible, we only charge you for a refund when we believe you’re responsible for what went wrong. If we’re responsible, we’ll pay the refund and you’ll receive the full amount for the order.

Customer compensation paid for by partners

Partners will only be charged for the compensation provided to customers if the claim reason is within their control or responsibility. This typically includes:

  • Wrong items in an order

  • Incorrect order handed to the rider

  • Missing or unavailable items in an order

  • Food prepared incorrectly or to a poor quality (incl. food safety claims)

  • Dietary requirements not met (incl. allergens issues)

  • Incorrect information provided about menu items on the platform

Customer compensation paid for by Deliveroo

Deliveroo will cover the cost of the compensation provided where the customer claim is due to factors that are within its control or responsibility. This typically includes:

  • Late deliveries due to rider delays

  • Food spilled or damaged in transit (unless due to packaging)

  • Cold food

  • Order not delivered to the customer

  • Unable to find a rider to pick up the order

  • Customer cancelled order due to rider delays

For a complete picture of Deliveroo and partner responsibilities, please refer to your partner services agreement with Deliveroo.

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