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The benefits of connecting your systems with Deliveroo
The benefits of connecting your systems with Deliveroo

How Deliveroo order and menu integration could help your business

Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago

Did you know, you could reduce your order rejections by as much as 27%? That's why so many businesses are now integrating their systems with Deliveroo.

We've based these benefits on feedback and data from tens of thousands of partners, over a number of years.

Tip: for maximum benefit, we recommend turning on 'auto accept' for all orders when integrating your POS system.

Learn about how to integrate your Deliveroo order, menu or opening hours using your existing POS system.

Why integrate your orders?

Reduce your staff training training time, with a single view of all orders - all in one POS system.

  • Around 27% fewer order rejections, means more revenue

  • Faster order prep and handover time - around 1 min per order

  • Less human error means missing or incorrect items are reduced by around 12%

Why integrate your menu?

Improve your customer experience, by making your latest menu available instantly and impossible to order out of stock items.

  • Single view of inventory and Deliveroo menu management

  • Automatically updates your POS to match your Deliveroo menu

  • Reduces order errors and rejections - menu items always have the correct PLU/SKU

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