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What can you connect with Deliveroo
What can you connect with Deliveroo

Manage your Deliveroo orders, menu or opening hours using your POS system

Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago

What is a 'POS system'?

'POS' stands for point of sale, usually meaning a till with a screen. Your POS system might already be connected to stock, cash and digital payments using software.

A point of sale (POS) system is where customers make a payment for goods or services at your site. Every time a customer purchases something at your business, you have a POS transaction. A POS system serves as a hub for your business's transactions.

You can connect with Deliveroo in a number of ways:

Why connect your POS system with Deliveroo?

Connecting or 'integrating' your POS system removes the need for manual entry of your orders received via Deliveroo ROM or tablet

You're connecting it to your Deliveroo account, this means as soon as you accept an order we'll send it through to your POS system (or till).

Connect your orders

We can quickly connect with a most major POS Systems e.g. Comtrex, Epsos Now and Foodticket.

With integrated providers, you can connect your site(s) instantly via Hub or using our integration request form. If we don't support your POS system yet this connection can take up to 10 weeks.

To connect via Hub:

  1. Log in to Hub

  2. Got to 'Settings'

  3. Then select 'Till (POS)'

Connect your menu

Create and send a menu in your POS system and push it to Deliveroo. You can auto-push updates and mark items out of stock from your own system.

Some of our POS integrations also support menu connection, see below for some examples.

You can see our full list of POS integration partners via Hub.

POS system not on the list?

If Deliveroo doesn’t support your POS System you can put in a request to us via the Hub so we can reach out to them for a future connection.

What if there's a problem with order or menu integration?

For a full guide to the most common problems read our Troubleshooting your API integration article.

If you're experiencing problems with menu updates through your POS system, ask your provider to contact Deliveroo's integration team for further assistance.

What are site details?

You will be able to manage your Deliveroo opening hours, set the site to open or close and also control busy mode using via your own system.

Check how you can manage this with your POS provider.

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