Make sure your equipment is installed correctly by following these steps:

Turn on the device and click the arrow to continue:

  • Set language and time zone
  • Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Confirm ‘Start Configuration’ and wait until the installation is complete (100%)
  • Check your email for login details
  • Open the Deliveroo App and sign in with your username and password
  • Set your preferred printing settings

You're all set! You can now start receiving orders, select ‘Open for Orders’ on your tablet.

My tablet isn't connecting to WiFi

Having a stable connection means you'll never miss out on Deliveroo orders - here's our advice for troubleshooting connection issues.

With your Sunmi device it's really easy to check whether you have a stable connection to WiFi.
Find Remote Assistance from the menu and check what it says: 

  • The connection is ready! You are connected to WiFi and are able to receive orders 
  • Network is unavailable, please check your WiFi connection. To do this go to Settings and check your WiFi network and password. 

Tip: If you’ve entered an incorrect username or password, simply ‘Forget’ the network and log in again with the correct details. 

I'm not receiving order notifications

Keep the Deliveroo app open on the tablet and you’ll never miss an order. If you’re having problems hearing or seeing order notifications, check that the below settings on your device are enabled:

Sound: set the tablet volume to at least 50% for audio notification.

Switch off Screen saver mode: make sure the Screen saver function is disabled. To do this go to Settings, select Sleep and confirm ‘Never’.

Notifications: Go to Settings, select Notification and on the Deliveroo app confirm ‘Override Do Not Disturb’.

We strongly recommend staying within the Deliveroo app, this means you’ll instantly receive order notifications - when you’re on a different application we can’t guarantee that you’ll receive order notifications.

The Deliveroo app isn’t working properly

Your Sunmi device will automatically update your Deliveroo app whenever our Tech team releases a new version. This means that your tablet always has the newest software and bug fixes.

If you do encounter a problem, for example the app isn’t loading, here are a couple of quick fixes to try:

Restart: to restart the Deliveroo app, select the ☰ icon in the bottom right of the screen.

This will show you all open applications. To close the app, swipe up and remove it from view.

Once you’ve closed the app, immediately reopen the Deliveroo app from the home screen (if you don’t do this, you will miss any new order notifications).

Auto update: your device is set up by us to auto-update whenever we change or improve the Deliveroo app.

If you’ve disabled auto-updates, go to the App Store and select the Me. From this view select Auto update to switch this back on.

How does the Sunmi printer work? 

The printer is built into your Sunmi device, so as long as Bluetooth is activated, the default setting will be set to print from the attached printer.

You’re able to change your own printer settings - font size, density and so on - from Settings, selecting InnerPrinter options. If you have difficulty reading the receipt we recommend testing different settings.

Tip: Make sure you test setting changes before your restaurant is open or after it closes to avoid printing errors. Some settings may change the print layout,
meaning you’re unable to see the order itself.

Printer roll: to insert the printer roll, open the orange flap at the top of the device and gently pull. Now insert the correct role size (Ø 50) into your printer.

Density: When changing the print density (how dark or light the printed order appears) select ☰ in the top right hand corner, choose a test percentage (%) and confirm ‘print test receipt’ to save this setting.

Reset: to reset all printing settings select ☰, and choose ‘Clear all the Settings’ from the InnerPrinter Settings.

Can I connect the Sunmi device to an external printer? 

If you'd prefer to use a different printer - or have your device and printer in different locations, you can connect the Sunmi to any bluetooth compatible printer. 

We strongly recommend using the integrated printer. It’s faster and easier to set up, and gives you more control.

If you choose to use an external printer you won't be able to change the font or size of the print using device settings.

You are able to set printing frequency when using an external printer, as with the integrated printer.

How to connect an external printer:

  • Go to device Settings and select Bluetooth. 
  • You'll see InnerPrinter - this is the integrated printer - under paired devices. 
  • Find and click the gear ⚙️ icon and select ‘FORGET’ to remove the integrated printer as your primary printer. 
  • Now find your bluetooth printer from the list of nearby devices - select the correct one and enter your password to pair the Sunmi and your external printer. 

Test this connection before you open for business. You can do this by opening the Deliveroo app and printing a rest receipt from the Settings tab. 


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