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Sending in your own images as a restaurant
Sending in your own images as a restaurant

Learn more about using your own images to showcase your food

Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago

Partners can now add a personal touch to their menus by using their own imagery. Sending in your own imagery is free, and it’s a quick and effective way to add images to your menu and attract new customers.

Partners that would like to use their own images must make sure that they meet our brand guidelines. There are four key requirements:

  • Dish layout and placement - Does the general layout of the image look aesthetically pleasing?

  • Aspect Ratio - Are the images cropped to an appropriate size to fit our platform?

  • Specifications - Are the images in the correct file type?

  • Stock Images - Do we have the intellectual property rights to upload the images?

What do we mean by aspect ratio?

'Aspect ratio' is simply the shape of an image.

  • 1:1 images are square, with equal height and width - this is the ratio we use for menu item images

  • 16:9 images are rectangle, with a longer width than height - picture a widescreen television. 16:9 is the ratio we use for hero imagery

1. Dish layout and placement

The way in which your dishes are laid out are important factors in showcasing your food. Choose a simple and uncluttered background so that the dishes really stand out.

Hero images

  • We recommend that all hero images have at least 5 different dishes. This helps show the customer the variety of dishes that you have on your menu

  • Make sure that your dishes are always taking up the majority of the shot, leaving just a small margin at the top, bottom and sides of the frame

All menu item images should have one dish in the centre of the photo that clearly shows the ingredients in that particular menu item.

  • Add some colour. Choose a clear and clean background that will complement and highlight your dish

  • Centred. Make sure your dish is in the centre of the shot to showcase the whole of the plate

  • Use natural light. Try to avoid reflections and dark shadows


  1. Don’t overcrowd your hero image. The hero image will be the first photo on the menu that your potential customers will see. Avoid overcrowding the hero image as this may look messy and confusing

  2. Focus on the food. Please do not send in images with any hands, faces, text, watermarks or raw ingredients placed around the dishes. Raw ingredients are only allowed if they do not feature prominently and are clearly not part of the advertised dish

  3. Don’t use collages or overly photoshopped images

Example of a good and bad hero image:

Example of good and bad cover image

2. Aspect Ratio

The size and shape of an image should meet the requirements below so that the image quality does not change when viewing your menu on mobile or web devices:

  • Landscape orientation

  • Hero image: at least 1920 x 1080 pixels - anything higher than this has to have a 16:9 ratio

  • Menu item image: at least 1200 x 800 pixels

  • Ensure the whole dish is in the frame

  • The shot needs to be in focus, without visible grain


For item images always make sure that the entire dish is in shot with sufficient space, as the platform will crop the images to a 1:1 ratio. We are unable to accept images where the full dish is no longer recognisable.

Example of an image we would not be able to accept:

Buffalo wings example cropping

Tip: For stackable items such as burgers, sandwiches, cakes and drinks, a side-on (45 degree) angle looks the best.

3. Specifications

The image should be saved in the following format:

  • All images that are sent to us must be JPEG files. We are unable to accept PNG, TIFF, PSD files.

  • We ask that all images sent in be labelled with the correct dish names to help us to add photos to your menu quickly

Tips: To check if your image is in the required format:


  • Find the picture in your documents

  • Right-click on the required image

  • Go to “Get info”. Within the ‘Get info’ tab below the ‘More Info’ tab, you can find the dimensions of the image


  • Locate the image on ‘windows file explorer’

  • Go to the ‘Downloads’ folder

  • In ‘Downloads’ look for the image, right-click and go to ‘Properties’

  • In ‘Properties’, got to the ‘Details tab’

  • The information of the image is under the images section of the ‘Details’ tab

4. Rights/ Legal Ownership

Make sure that you own the images that are used on our platform, and have all the necessary rights to use them in this way.

We also do not accept any stock images found on stock websites or search engines.

You shall bear full responsibility for and shall indemnify Deliveroo in full against all losses suffered or incurred by Deliveroo arising out of or in connection with any claim brought against Deliveroo for alleged or actual infringement of a third party's rights (including any Intellectual Property Rights) arising out of, or in connection with any images you provide.

Please note: We reserve the right to restrict and remove any images that we feel are not in line with these guidelines from the platform.

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