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Make your restaurant menu stand out on Deliveroo
Make your restaurant menu stand out on Deliveroo

Understand the different parts of a Deliveroo menu, and different way you can lay out your menu

Written by Ash H
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On Deliveroo your menu is your restaurant. A good menu can help you stand out from the competition.

There are different parts to your menu - each one is important to encourage customers to order with you.

  1. Hero photo Showcase your food and encourage customers to browse your menu

  2. Menu description (200-245 characters) This sits at the top of the menu and explains what makes your restaurant different. We recommend telling the story of your brand and why it was created.

  3. Category names e.g Salads, Sides, Burgers. These should help customers easily navigate your menu and understand each section

  4. Category descriptions Explain why these items are grouped together, how they can be enjoyed (e.g. to share, or as an extra) or highlight key ingredients

  5. Item names The names of your individual dishes  

  6. Item descriptions Give the customer all the information they need to understand the dish, from ingredients to allergens. The first 60 characters are the most important. Anything after that will be cut off on the menu page and only visible when the item is clicked on. 

  7. Item photos Specific photos of each item on your menu makes it as easy as possible for customers to decide what to order

Menu layout

On Deliveroo we see a variety of different menu layouts. The most common are:

  1. A la carte menu Organised by course type ('Starters', 'Mains', 'Sides', 'Desserts') or by time of day ('Breakfast', 'Lunch', 'Dinner').

  2. Static menu Mostly used by fast food restaurants and laid out by food type e.g Burgers, Pasta, Fish, Meat, Pizza and Salads. 

  3. Small form menu. Built around 5-10 items, it's often used by restaurants with one or two core products, such as poké or burritos. Customers choose menu options (e.g. which meat or sauce) to customise their meal.

Top tips

Don’t give customers too much choice. Your menu should have a good number of menu items, but not too many so a customer feels overwhelmed. We suggest having anywhere between 40-80 items, excluding menu options. 

Make your restaurant easy to find. We use menu tags to help customers when they’re searching for new restaurants or food to try on Deliveroo. Tags help customers filter by cuisine, dietary and religious requirements. We recommend having no more than 3 tags. 

Give customers options. For customers, menu options (such as adding extra ingredients to a burger) allow them to customise their order to their taste. And it's a great way for you to up-sell additional items. Adding menu options can help increase your average order value.

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