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Showcase your food with photography
Showcase your food with photography

Learn how good photography can increase your sales and find out about the professional photography packages Deliveroo offers

Written by Ash H
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The quality of your food photography is a key factor in standing out to customers on Deliveroo. Good photos encourage customer to click on your menu from the restaurant list and helps them see the quality of your dishes.

Restaurants that have photography on their menu can boost overall orders by 24%.

What is hero image and why does it make a difference?

A hero image is the first image a customer sees of your restaurant on Deliveroo.

Having a hero image is all about showcasing your food, whetting the appetite and encouraging customers to choose your restaurant menu.

Restaurants with hero images feature higher on the restaurant list than those without. They also attract more visitors to their menu.

What about item images?

Customers use Deliveroo to find new restaurants and try new food - menus with individual item photos makes it easier for customers to decide what to order.  

Having images of as many individual dishes as possible means customers are more likely to order from your restaurant after browsing your menu. 

How can I make my restaurant stand out?

Professional photography (Not available in Qatar)

We offer a professional photography service that will help your restaurant stand out from the rest. We offer two packages: 

  • Silver package 1 hero photo and 15 item photos

  • Gold package 1 hero photo and 25 item photos 

For more information about our photography packages, pricing and organising a photography shoot, contact us in Restaurant Hub.

What if I have my own photos? 

If you have your own photos, or if you want to organise your own photo shoot, you can upload your photos using Menu Manager in Restaurant Hub, or send them to us with the 'Get in touch form'.

For a guide to sending in your own high quality imagery read these articles for Restaurants and Grocery Stores.

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