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How to mark menu items as unavailable
How to mark menu items as unavailable

Learn how to easily update your menu when an ingredient or item is unavailable

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Your menu represents your brand on Deliveroo. It's important to keep it updated, so customers have a great experience when they order with you.

You can use Menu Manager in Partner Hub to instantly update your menu.

How to mark items as unavailable if you run out

Try and do it right away - you don't want customers ordering things you don't have.

If they do you'll have to reject the order.

To change the availability of a menu item:

  • Log in to Hub and go to the 'Live Orders' page

  • Select 'Stock levels'

  • Click on the menu item

  • Select an option - 'Sold out today', 'Hide from menu', 'In stock'

  • Press 'Save'

  • Remember to publish your menu for your changes to go live

Sold out today
Removes an item for one day. The item will automatically become available the following day at opening time. So if you’re still out of the ingredients for the dish, you’ll need to redo the process.

Hide from menu
Removes an item until you make it available again. This item will be available again once you mark it available.

In stock Makes an item available to customers.

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