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Learn how to read your invoice and find out when you'll be paid

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At Deliveroo we want to support you in managing your delivery business. We understand how important it is for you to receive frequent payments.

To help support our partners, payments are calculated and authorised on a weekly basis, and relate to the previous Monday to Sunday period. Find out more about when and why we introduced these changes.

Payment is made by bank transfer directly to the account details you provided to Deliveroo.

You can find your Deliveroo statements in Hub, where you can view and download your invoices, both as a summary and a detailed breakdown of what you will be paid.

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Invoice Overview

Our invoices have two parts: a summary of what you'll be paid and a full breakdown of orders, fees and rebates.  

The first part of the invoice summarises what you owe us and most importantly, what we owe you, including:

  • Total revenue you've earned from orders and the Deliveroo commission paid

  • Additional fees you owe us (e.g. any credit redeemed by customers, refunds or outstanding fees)

  • Rebates we owe you (e.g. money we're paying you for remade or cancelled orders)

After the summary, in the second part of the invoice we list a full breakdown of each order.

There is also a detailed breakdown of the additional fees and rebates, so you can see which orders were cancelled, remade or refunded.

If you add credit when replying to customer feedback, redeemed credit offers appear as 'Restaurant funded voucher promotions'.

Invoices in your the Partner Hub

A years worth of invoices are available to download in the Partner Hub in both PDF and CSV format, so it's easy for you to do your accounting. 


When will I be paid by Deliveroo?

Payments will be made weekly. You can see your Deliveroo statement every day in Partner Hub, reflecting your delivery takings from the day before.

Will I receive an invoice? 

Yes, you’ll receive an invoice via email with a full breakdown of your orders and the amount you’ll be paid. 

You can also download current and past invoices from the Partner Hub.  

I’m not receiving my invoices. How can do I get them?

Please double check your spam folder for emails from Deliveroo. If you haven't received any invoices please email your local partner team with your restaurant name and details. 

You can also download current and past invoices from the Partner Hub

How do I check my bank details are correct? 

When you signed up to join Deliveroo, we asked you for your bank details. You can check what bank details we have on file at the bottom of your latest invoice. 

How do I update my bank details?

I haven't received a payment from Deliveroo, where is it? 

If we've delivered orders for you and you haven't received a payment from us, please email your local partner team to check we have your correct bank account details. 

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