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Changes to your Deliveroo payment cycle
Changes to your Deliveroo payment cycle

Find out more about our updated payment schedules and why we're ending temporary daily payments

Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago

We introduced more frequent payments as a temporary restaurant support measure during COVID-19 and started offering daily and weekly payments in a number of markets (excluding Qatar).

Instead of returning to our original payment cycle of 1st and 16th of every month, we're introducing a new, weekly payment schedule.

We're also changing our standard restaurant contract terms to match our new weekly payment schedule.

On 31 August 2020 temporary daily payment measures will end, and from 1 Sept 2020:

  • Daily payments will no longer be available but we will continue to assess our partners’ payment needs.

  • Invoice periods will now be cover the previous Monday to Sunday’s orders

  • Weekly payments will begin from 1 September

Your invoice period will be clear on your payment invoice in Partner Hub

Weekly payment authorisation

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we temporarily put in place daily and weekly payments to support our partners during the immediate period of uncertainty.

Under your current agreement with us, payments to you are authorised fortnightly within two business days of the 1st day and the 16th day of each month.

Our updated agreement will mean that we will now implement a weekly cycle.

Payment Authorisation Days

From 1st Sept 2020, we will authorise payment within 2 business days of either:

  • Wednesday, in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE and Kuwait

  • Thursday, in the UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Belgium

Invoice period

Invoices and payments will relate to a 7 day period from Monday to Sunday (midnight to midnight UTC) each week. Your invoice will be produced once the invoice period (Monday - Sunday) is complete.

Otherwise, our agreement with you and our policies will remain in effect without change.


Can I revert back to fortnightly rather than weekly payments?

All restaurants are on weekly payments by default.

If you have a business critical need for receiving fortnightly rather than weekly payments, please reach out to us using the Help feature in Partner Hub.

Why am I no longer receiving my invoice on 1st / 16th?

To offer more support to restaurants, we've decided to offer weekly payments.

You will now receive your Deliveroo invoice weekly as opposed to on the 1st and 16th of every month.

Your invoice will be produced once the invoice period (Monday - Sunday) is complete. This will usually occur on Monday so that we can authorize your payment as promptly as possible. We will authorise your payment within 2 business days of [Wednesday / Thursday] each week.

How can I find my invoice?

You can download your most recent invoice by logging into Hub.

Why is my invoice produced on Monday but I am paid on Wednesday/Thursday?

Once the invoice period (Mon-Sun) is complete, we produce your invoice in advance of authorising your payment for the previous week. This allows us to address any issues and ensures you are paid promptly and as close as possible to [Wednesday / Thursday] each week.

Why is there a discrepancy between the recorded sales from Monday to Sunday and my sales on my invoice?

Our invoicing period covers Monday to Sunday based on the standard UTC timezone.

There may be slight differences in recorded sales and sales documented on your latest invoice due to time zones differences.

In the event that there are discrepancies, these will be reflected in your next invoice.

Note that there may also be other differences in your invoice due to payment adjustments (e.g refund claims, Marketer discounts).

Why do some Sunday orders from the Monday-Sunday calculation period not appear on my invoice?

Invoices are based on delivered orders.

If an order was made at 23:59 on Sunday, it is unlikely to appear on the upcoming invoice as it would have been delivered after midnight. These orders will be reflected in your next invoice.

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