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View and update your bank details in Hub
View and update your bank details in Hub
Need to change your bank account details? Find and edit your payment details in Restaurant Hub
Written by Adam S-R
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You can now view and update bank account details quickly and securely using Restaurant Hub if you have Admin access.

We use a secure third party verification service called DirectID to verify payment information.

Viewing and editing your payment information (Admin users only)

To view your payment information:

  1. Log in to Restaurant Hub

  2. Select 'Settings' in the left-hand menu and go to the 'Payments' tab

To edit your payment information:

Please complete this online form in order for us to update your bank details on our system.

Once submitted, please allow 3-5 working days for this change to take effect. You will receive email confirmation once the update has been processed.

Frequently asked questions

I can't find my new bank listed in the verification process

We're working to constantly expand the list of banks that our secure third party verification service supports.

If you can't find your new bank listed during the verification process, contact us in Hub and our team will get back to you as soon as possible to change your bank details manually.

I get a message that says: 'We couldn’t verify you’re the owner of this account'

Try the process again, double checking you enter all details correctly.

Still not working? Send us a support request using Hub ('Help') and our team will get in touch. You'll be asked to complete a form, providing additional proof supporting your request e.g. a bank statement.

I'm not the authorised account holder of the bank account, can I request changes?

Changes to bank account details can only be made by authorised account holders, this protects our partners against fraud or other risks.

I don't recognise a change to my payment details

  1. Change your Hub password. Make sure it's one you’ve never used before.

  2. Edit your bank details to the correct account using the process above.

  3. Review who has access and Admin rights in Hub by going to the 'Team' page.

  4. Get in touch so our team can investigate any payments made right away.

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