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View and update your bank details in Hub
View and update your bank details in Hub

Need to change your bank account details? Find and edit your payment details in Partner Hub

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If you need to update your bank details, for instance if your restaurant company has recently changed ownership or you have updated your bank account, please read the following guidance on the process. Here, we also provide guidance on how to get your bank details request approved as soon as possible.

For this process, you need to provide supporting documents. Please note that if the documents specified below are not provided, your change of request will be denied. In these cases, an agent will be in contact with you to discuss resubmission.

Change of bank details, key steps:

  1. Login to the Deliveroo Hub, where administrators of the account will gain access to the change of bank details online form.

  2. The owner will complete the change of bank details online form, providing all their relevant information, personal ID, and a recent bank statement.

  3. Our agents will assess the submission to determine whether it meets our checks, after which we will process the bank details change.

1. Accessing the online form via the Hub

View your current bank details

Your payment information can currently be viewed within the Partner Hub. For guidance on how to login to your Hub account, see here.

If you just want to view your current details, click on the ‘Settings’ section at the bottom-left corner of the screen, as shown below. Then click on the ‘Payments’ tab, where you can view the details that we have on record.

If these do not look correct to you or you wish to update your details, admin users will be able to fill in the change of bank details form displayed under this section. Note that the form will be visible to Admin users only

2. Completing your bank details change form

Before you complete the change of bank details form, please read the following guidance to ensure that we can approve your request as quickly as possible.

Please have the following ready before completing the online form:

  • Proof of bank change authorisation - This needs to confirm the details you have submitted (account holder name, account number/IBAN, sort code/BIC), namely a copy of your bank statement. Please ensure it is in .pdf or .doc format.

  • Proof of identification - This needs to prove you are the Registered Company Owner or Account Holder, for instance a photo of a passport, driving licence, ID card, or residency permit. It must clearly show the name and information you have provided in this form.

  • Restaurant / company details - You must provide your restaurant name and address during the process. This must align with what we have on record.

  • Owner details - You must provide the name of the restaurant owner and their email address. Here, please ensure accuracy in spelling.

Tips on completing the form:

  • Ensure that the information included within the documents is clearly shown and not obscured. This includes both the written (e.g. account number, account holder name) and visual (e.g. ID photos) documentation.

  • Ensure accuracy in spelling, for instance in any names or addresses included, or the name of the Registered Company or Account.

  • Provide full copies of documentation and ensure that no pages are missing, otherwise you will see instant rejection.

  • Only provide bank details documentation issued within the last 12 months. Documentation older than this will not be accepted. This does not include your identification documents.

3. Processing the bank details change request

After your submission, one of our agents will review your application and determine whether it passes our checks. We will then contact you to inform you of the outcome of your application. Please note that one of our agents may phone you throughout this process to verify whether you requested this bank details change.

Please note that, following application approval, it will take 5-10 days to fully process the bank details change and direct any funds into your bank account.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I'm not the authorised account holder of the bank account, can I request changes?

Changes to bank account details can only be made by authorised account holders. This protects our partners against fraud or other risks.

I don't recognise a change to my payment details

  1. Change your Hub password, to make sure it's one you’ve never used before.

  2. Edit your bank details to the correct account using the process above.

  3. Review and update who has access and Admin rights in Hub by going to the 'Team' page.

Get in touch so our team can investigate right away.

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