The default screen

  1. Navigation.
  2. Orders in progress.
  3. Order details.
  4. Completed orders.

Accept delivery orders

When you get a new order, the tablet will ping and a window will pop up with the new order details. 

  1. Pick up time. This is when you'll need to get your order out for delivery.
  2. Customer details.
  3. Order details.
  4. Accept order.
  5. Reject order. 

After you accept a delivery order

The order is available in the order list and when selected you can see all the details you need to prepare the order.

  1. Orders in progress.
  2. Rider distance. This is how far away the rider is to your restaurant. 
  3. Pick up time. This is when you'll need to get your order out for delivery.
  4. Allergy information. 
  5. Rider feedback. This is where you can rate the rider. 

Printed tickets

  1. Order ID. 
  2. Pick up time. 
  3. Cutlery. Remember don't include cutlery - unless the customer asks for it in their order. 

Tracking orders

You can track the status of your rider for each order on the left hand side of your screen. 

  1. Rider status. Riders are assigned to your order automatically. 
  2. Rider arrival. You'll know when the rider has arrived when the order flashes yellow. 

Tip: To make sure the rider picks up the right order, just attach the order receipt to the outside of the bag.

Completed Orders

Once the order is with the rider, it will move to the Completed order list. 

You can also see your completed orders on the sales page of the Restaurant Hub..To find out more click here. 

Reject an order

This is a last resort. When you do have to say no to an order, you'll be asked to give a reason why from the list:

1. Ingredient unavailable: Keep the availability of your menu items up to date to avoid this happening. 

2. Closing early: You can avoid this by making sure your opening times are correct. 

3. Busy: Use the workload settings to help control order volume. 

4. Other: Unforeseen circumstances that are out of your control. 

Automatic rejections We’ll auto reject an order within 10 minutes of it being placed to make sure the customer doesn’t go on waiting. So please keep checking the tablet.

Scheduled orders

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