Changing your opening hours
Schedule days off on your tablet or in Hub and learn how to change your opening hours.
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You can set your business days off on the tablet or in Hub, so your customers know when they can order from you on the app. You can set your days off up to 365 days in advance.

Check your opening hours 

Tap navigation ☰ in the top left hand corner and then Opening times

Schedule days off on your tablet

You can schedule days off on your tablet for holidays, refurbishments or a staff training day. To access Days Off on your tablet, tap the menu and then Days Off

  1. To add new days off tap Add New.

  2. Enter start and end dates and tap save when you're finished.

We know plans change and thats why you can edit or delete upcoming days off. 

Schedule days off in Hub

To access Days Off in Hub, click on 'Settings' and then 'Days Off'.

  1. Click 'Add new'

  2. Select the date range

  3. Add the reason for the days off

  4. Select the site(s) included

  5. To to edit, click on the edit icon and delete your entry

Change your opening hours in Restaurant Hub

You can change your opening hours permanently or temporarily for bank holidays or events.

  1. Use the “Settings” tab to access opening hours

  2. Select a day, and add or change the hours

  3. Use the “+ Add Hours” button to add extra shifts on the same day

  4. Remember to “Save Changes” after editing

Note: that you cannot set '0' opening hours. 

How flexible are opening hours on Deliveroo?

You can select any period of time for any day of the week to be open or closed. Hours when Deliveroo riders are available are shown to help you decide which opening hours you choose. 

If you offer pick-up, those hours are displayed with a note explaining that pick-up will not be affected.

What if I offer my own delivery?

For Restaurants that use their own delivery drivers (Marketplace+) - with or without pick-up enabled - zone hours are not displayed and you can select any period of time to be available for orders.

You can select hours after midnight — closing time will be shown with a “+1” to indicate closing the next day.


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