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Why unique identifiers are important for your Menu [Grocery & Retail Partners Only]
Why unique identifiers are important for your Menu [Grocery & Retail Partners Only]

Learn why sending your unique identifiers to Deliveroo is important for your business

Written by Imaan Virani
Updated over a week ago

We recognise that our grocery and retail partners have hundreds, if not thousands, of different products. To help your staff select the right products, add unique identifiers to the items on your menu.

Adding unique identifiers makes it easier to find the correct items and select similar substitutes for anything out of stock.

What are unique identifiers?

Most retail or grocery products have a unique numerical identifier associated with it. These unique identifiers are typically in the form of a barcode.

Partners can add their unique identifiers via Menu Manager or the Menu API. Note that these barcodes are not the same as internal SKU numbers.

Some of the most common unique identifiers include:

  • International Article Numbers (IANs)

  • Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs)

  • European Article Numbers (EANs)

Why is it important to add unique identifiers to items on your menu?

Adding unique identifiers makes selecting the right item easier for your staff. It also helps customers find the right item when searching the app.

By adding unique identifiers, you’ll be able to:

  • Help staff select the right substitute, as our app will have a better idea of which items to suggest as an appropriate replacement

  • Improve order accuracy by enabling the ‘scan to pick’ functionality - reducing time to pick and reducing missing items

  • Grow order value by helping customers find what they need as they build their basket

Are there any items which will not have a unique identifier?

Some fresh and perishable items like fresh fruits, vegetables and bakery items do not have a unique identifier. Please only include codes for valid items.

Learn how to add unique identifiers in the help centre article here.

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