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Join Deliveroo via our website
Join Deliveroo via our website

A guide to signing up to be a Deliveroo partner in the UK.

Written by Elise Farhat
Updated over a week ago

You can sign up using Deliveroo’s partner website, you'll need to get a few details ready before you start:

  • Information about your business (e.g. site name, business address, email)

  • How will you deliver? (e.g. use Deliveroo riders or your own drivers)

  • How many site locations do you want to sign up?

  • Your tax information (e.g. VAT number, registered company name)

And this is an important one...

If you're not eligible to partner with Deliveroo, we'll let you know during sign up. This might be the case if:

  • You're outside of a Deliveroo serviced postcode

  • You don't have a Food Standards Agency (FSA or SC FSA) Hygiene Rating

  • Your FSA Hygiene Rating is less than or equal to 2, some exceptions may apply (Read Deliveroo's Hygiene Rating policy here)

If you're eligible to partner with Deliveroo, but don't complete the sign up steps, someone from our team will reach out to you directly to help support you.

Alternatively, you can always use the email and password you entered on the first page of the sign up process to log back in and complete your onboarding.

Onboarding in Partner Hub

During the sign up process, you entered your email and created a password. You can use these credentials to access Partner Hub, our platform that lets you manage your business from anywhere.

In Hub, you can create your menu, set your opening hours, add and update your bank details, as well as sign your Deliveroo contract. Find out more.

To complete your Deliveroo onboarding and start taking orders, you'll be required to take the following steps:

  • Upload your menu and alcohol premises license (if relevant)

  • Set your opening hours

  • Add your bank details for payment

  • Review and accept your agreement, including verifying the address where we can send your tablet, selecting your preferred photoshoot package, and reviewing your set commission rate(s).

  • Set up your tablet

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can start taking orders!

Frequently asked questions

What does "Sorry we're not in your area yet" mean?

This means we're not in your area yet. We're always looking at new areas where we can expand, so it might become available in the future.

What does "We can't partner with you yet" mean?

This error message indicates either you don't have an FSA Hygiene Rating, or it's too low.

  • No FSA Hygiene Rating: We require new restaurants onboarding with us to have a Hygiene Rating of at least 2. We may allow new restaurants 'awaiting inspection' to be listed on the platform as an exception in limited circumstances.

  • Low FSA Hygiene Rating: We require new restaurants onboarding with us to have a Hygiene Rating of at least 2. As your rating is currently less than 2, we are unable to proceed with your sign-up.

How long will it take for my menu to be created?

After your agreement has been signed we'll begin creating your menu. This usually takes a couple of days to complete.

Do I need a tablet to take orders, when should I expect it to arrive?

We recommend using the Deliveroo Sunmi tablet (free of charge, has an integrated printer) to complete the onboarding steps and go live.

You can expect to receive your tablet in 1-3 working days.

Why does my onboarding dashboard show the "accepting agreement" step as partially complete?

After you complete our identity verification and pay your one-off joining fee, this information is reviewed and verified by our team. FSA and identity checks are carried out too.

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