We’ve made receipts easier for you and your riders to understand. Here are all the fees you will find displayed on your receipts and what they mean:


This is the sum total of all the items on the order added together. Excluding fees.

Delivery Fee

This is how much you want to charge for delivery. You have control over how far you want your own riders to deliver and how much you want to charge on the ‘Delivery settings’ page in Hub.

Surcharge (Small order fee)

This fee is added when the customer’s order total is less than the minimum order value (MOV) you have set. You can adjust your minimum order value setting in Hub.

An example of small order fee:

  • MOV = £10

  • Order Value = £6

  • Small order fee = £4* (£10 - £6)

*Note: Small order fee limits are in place to protect the customer experience.


Here you will find the amount of the customer tip.

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