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Understanding your advert’s performance
Understanding your advert’s performance

How to understand your Marketer adverts report and improve performance each time

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New to adverts? Read Advertising your business on Deliveroo first.

When your Deliveroo Marketer advert has finished, you’ll get a report explaining how well it performed. Below you'll find information about how to learn and improve each time.

Key terms, explained

A glossary of the terms you’ll see in your report, with handy definitions.

‘Menu views’ or ‘views’

The number of times a customer tapped on your advert and viewed your menu.

Your report only counts the menu views that came from your advert – we won’t include views from other places, for example, if a customer searched the Deliveroo app for your menu.


The number of times a customer placed an order after tapping your advert. Again, this only includes the orders generated through your advert.

This number is based on a customer ordering within 7 days of clicking on your advert.

New customers

The number of customers who ordered from your restaurant for the first time after tapping on your advert.

Budget used

The total amount you spent on this advert. If this amount is less than the budget you set for your advert, you’ll see how much was left over.


Your campaign ends either at your end date or when your budget is used up, whichever comes first.


The budget amount you select refreshes every Monday, until you choose to cancel.

Set it automatically

You can let Deliveroo automatically set your bid (cost per menu view) amount. We'll ensure your ad is shown to customers likely to engage with your business, so you're making the most of your spend.

Return on your advert

The amount in sales you made directly from this advert, for every £1 that you spent.

Sales from advert

The total sales from customers who placed an order within 7 days of tapping on your advert.

Conversion rate

Of all the customers who tapped on your advert, this is the percentage that placed an order.

How to read your report

Menu views and orders

Taken together, these metrics tell you how many people tapped on your advert and, of that number, how many decided to place an order (and how many didn’t). All metrics are calculated within a 7 day period.

If your report gives you a similar number of menu views and orders, congratulations – this means your menu is working hard to get customers to placing orders.

If you had fewer orders than menu views, you could think about improving your menu to generate more orders next time.

Orders and new customers

Taken together, these metrics tell you how many orders came from customers who were already familiar with your restaurant, and by contrast, how many customers decided to try your restaurant for the first time after tapping on your advert.

This is an important metric if you’re aiming to attract new customers as well as generate orders.

Ways to improve your performance

Improve menu views

If your ad finished with money left in your budget, try increasing your cost-per-view next time – that way, your advert is likely to be more prominent in the Featured section and could generate more views.

Not sure how much money to spend on your bid?
Set it automatically. Deliveroo will manage your spend and optimise your campaign so the people who are likely to engage with your brand, see your advert. All you need to do is set the maximum spend and you can leave the rest to us.

Improve orders and new customers

Had lots of menu views but not many orders? Try adding photos and descriptions to all of your menu items or add a Marketer Offer to put discounts on your menu. Find out how to edit your menu using Menu Manager or learn more about creating a Marketer Offer.

They’ll make customers feel more confident in what they’re ordering and could help you get more orders next time. An informative menu also helps to encourage new customers to place their first order.

Improve average order value

To encourage customers to spend more when they order, you could experiment with adding drinks, sides and desserts as optional upgrades to your main dishes.

Make sure these items all have images and descriptions, too.

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