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Advertising your business on Deliveroo
Advertising your business on Deliveroo

You can bring more people to your menu by advertising. It’s easy to set up, too.

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When you advertise on Deliveroo, your business may appear more prominently in the app. Amounts are given in GBP, with costs for each market provided below.

A new way to grow sales

This means hungry customers are more likely to see your brand name and photo when they open Deliveroo. It’s a great way to attract new customers and stand out from the competition.

We clearly label adverts, to keep customers informed.

How you can stay in control of your spend

First, you’ll set an overall budget. We then deduct a set amount from this budget every time a customer taps on your advert and views your menu.

You can set Adverts budgets to run as "one-off" or "continually"- these Adverts will need to be manually disabled.

Menu views start at just £0.25 GBP, but you can choose to increase your bid if you like.

Bid prices start at just £0.25 GBP.

HKD = $1
EUR = €0.25
GBP = £0.25

KWD = 0.1KWD
SG = $0.2

The more you pay for your views, the more often your advert is likely to appear. That way, you’ll use your budget up faster but might get more exposure for your brand.

You can also boost your advert which will increase your bid at specified times (see below)

Feel free to experiment to see what works for you.

More than one site? You can choose to advertise specific sites or include them all - you can even vary bids by site.

When you want to boost sales at one particular site, it’s best to advertise that site on its own. When you combine sites in a single advert, sites in busier areas tend to get more menu views and will likely use more of your budget.

Tracking your extra orders

We’ll end your advert either on the date you’ve selected or when your budget has been used up – whichever comes first.

We’ll take payment for the budget you’ve used from your next invoice. We won’t charge you for any unused budget.

Once your advert’s finished, log into Hub to see how well it performed.

Your report will show you how many people tapped on your advert and how many of those customers placed an order.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to see how many new customers you attracted and how many extra orders you generated.

Read more about advertising with Marketer adverts

How to decide how much to pay

Your bid is the amount that you pay every time a customer clicks on your advert. This is also known as the Cost-per-click.

You can choose to set your bid

Set automatically:

We’ll optimise your bid throughout your campaign, to ensure your ad is shown to customers likely to engage with your brand, as much as possible.

Setting your own:

Set the exact bid amount you're willing to pay for each menu view. The higher you bid, the more likely your advert will be seen by customers.

Boosting your Advert

If you choose to set your own bid, you have the option to add Bid Adjustments.

Click on “Bid adjustment options” where you can boost your bid by adding multipliers at the times that you want to be most competitive.

These multipliers can be set for meal times (breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night) and at weekends (Fri-Sun) and weekdays (Mon-Thurs).

You can see what your bid will be at any given time by clicking on “See your boosts” on the right-hand side.

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