You can now manage your restaurant whenever you like, all from one place. With your online account you can:

  1. Create and run promotions for new or existing customers to increase orders with Marketer
  2. Access your operational data and understand how you could be selling more (i.e. Prep times, rejected orders and customer ratings) 
  3. Download and manage a years worth of your invoices
  4. Learn what dishes customers love
  5. Track live orders as they happen 

We have been rolling out access in batches. Invitations to create a password and activate your Online Account have been sent through email.  


I can’t find my invitation

We have sent invitations to the owner or main point of contact we have on file.  If you haven't received the email you can still create your account.

This will direct you to the ‘forgotten password’ page. Don’t worry this is normal. We’ve set a temporary password for you which you now need to change. 

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with your local partner team.

I can't create a password 

For security reasons you'll be unable to create a password after 14 days of being invited to activate your online account.

We’ve set a temporary password for you. To create the password you want, you'll need to reset the existing one. 

Reset your password

This will direct you to the ‘forgotten password’ page. Don’t worry this is normal.

Forgotten your password? 

Click here to Reset your password. If an account exists with that email, we'll send a password reset email shortly.

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