Prep time is our term for how long it takes restaurants to get an order ready for pickup. An order is considered ready when it’s prepared/cooked and packed.

Your prep time is calculated by our algorithm based on the last 14 days of orders. If orders are consistently ready to be picked up when the rider arrives, your prep time will decrease. If riders sometimes have to wait for orders to be ready, we’ll assume you need more time and your prep time will increase. 

Your prep time can change for a specific order if we can’t find a rider who can get there for your usual pick up time. It won’t affect the calculation.

When you first get set up, you set your own prep time so we have a baseline from which to calculate your prep time automatically. 

Prep time is also one of the ways we decide where you’re listed in the customer’s app. 

How can I check my prep time? 

You can check your prep time on your online account. With your online account you can:

  • Compare your prep time against other restaurants in your area.
  • Understand your trends in prep time over 7 days or 30 days. This will allow you to identify time where you could reduce your prep time which will ultimately drive sales 
  • Compare restaurant sites against one another.

To find out more about your online account click here. 

If the rider is late will it affect my prep time?

Nope. We’ll leave orders when riders are late out of our calculation.

If the rider is waiting because they’re early will it affect my prep time?

Nope. A rider is only considered waiting after the pick up time on the ticket has passed.

Should I wait for the rider to arrive to start prepping the food?

Nope. Always prepare orders to be packed and ready for the pick up time. If the rider is so late you have to remake the food, we’ll reimburse you.

What if I do my own deliveries?

If you use your own delivery fleet rather than Deliveroo riders, prep time doesn’t apply to you. Instead, you’ll get a delivery time for each order. The customer sees this estimate when they order, which you can update if you need more or less time to do the delivery.

You set your overall delivery times when you’re setting up your tablet and you can change them in Delivery times on the Deliveroo main menu.

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