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Large Orders & Self Service Cancellations
Large Orders & Self Service Cancellations

Deliveroo restaurants in Manchester can now manage large orders and make cancellations themselves!

Written by Juliet Jeffrey
Updated over a week ago

Deliveroo launched two new features which will allow you to manage your orders more effectively on the Deliveroo tablet - improving both the customer and large order experience.

About the features:

Feature 1: ‘Manage order size’

  • You can now request additional Deliveroo riders for large orders and this will indicate to Deliveroo if the whole order has been picked up, and if the order has additional riders assigned.

  • You can use this feature to input how many Deliveroo riders are needed for the full order and Deliveroo will then dispatch the correct allocation of riders to collect and deliver the order.

  • This means you will no longer need to call our Partner Support team. This feature will enable you to indicate that the order is ‘large’.

Feature 2: ‘Cancel entire order’

  • This feature should be used in exceptional circumstances when you have accepted an order but you’re no longer able to fulfil it.

  • When cancelling an order, you will need to select the reason for the cancellation and you will then receive a reminder that you will be charged the commission for cancelling customer orders after you’ve accepted them.

  • By introducing self-serve cancellation options within the ROM, Deliveroo aims to reduce the cancellation time from an average of 52 minutes to 4-8 minutes for 24% of cancellations.

These new features will be available for Deliveroo tablet users and will be surfaced within a newly added ‘Manage order’ button, which is accessible to you within order details.


The feature is available to restaurant Partners in Manchester who use the ROM device.

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