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Understanding the ‘Are you still there’? nudge
Understanding the ‘Are you still there’? nudge

The new feature will help reduce rejections and cancellations and improve customer experience.

Written by Kamila Schneider
Updated over a week ago

We’re introducing the ‘Are you still there?’ nudge to partners using Roo tablets.

This feature will help us tackle rejections and cancellations and provide the best possible experience to our partners and customers.

What is the ‘Are you still there?’ nudge?

It’s a message that comes through your tablet and is visible on your tablet home screen, similar to a notification. The goal is to check if your restaurant is still open and operating as usual.

How does it work?

When the nudge appears on your screen, you will be required to select an answer. You can either choose to remain open or to close.

We will automatically close your site if there’s no response within 10 minutes.

When will the nudge appear on the tablet?

There are two scenarios where you can receive these notifications:

  • When the first order of the day was cancelled or rejected (image 1).

  • When your site registered 2 or 3 cancellations or rejections in a row, after you successfully delivered orders (image 2).

Image 1 shows the nudge "Are you able to accept orders - We noticed that your last orders was cancelled". Image 2 shows the nudge "Do you need to adjust your operations - we noticed that a number of orders were cancelled in a row".

Who will receive the nudge?

All global partners who use the Roo tablet (and are not integrated) will now receive these notifications.

Can I reopen my site in case I miss a nudge?

If you didn’t answer the notification on time and your site was automatically closed, you can reopen via Hub or directly on your tablet. Make sure that you are able to fulfil the incoming orders before reopening your site.

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