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What are the menu requirements for new partners?
What are the menu requirements for new partners?

Learn the minimum requirements your menu needs to meet before going live

Written by Kamila Schneider
Updated over a week ago

Your menu needs to meet certain requirements before you can go live on our platform.

On Deliveroo, your menu is your business, so it’s important to present it in the best way possible.

With these requirements in place, we can ensure that you have a sufficient number of items, photos, categories, and accurate descriptions to ensure that customers have a good experience when buying from you.

Why is it important to have a good menu?

A good presentation will help customers understand how your product tastes and what your product looks like, making the buying experience more enjoyable and effective.

Having a good range of products is also an efficient way to attract new customers and increase sales.

What partners do these requirements apply to?

Restaurants and grocery Partners operating in the UK and Ireland. There are no minimum requirements for retail.

What are the minimum requirements for restaurants?

These are the requirements restaurants need to follow:

What are the minimum requirements for grocery?

These are the requirements grocery needs to follow:

What happens if my business doesn’t meet the minimum requirements?

Please note that your menu may not go live until the minimum requirements have been met.

If you need help or have any questions related to your menu requirements, give us a call or contact our customer support team via Hub.

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