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New Irish Deposit Return Scheme - Launching 1st February 2024
New Irish Deposit Return Scheme - Launching 1st February 2024

Everything you need to know about the Deposit Return Scheme “DRS”

Written by Hannie Cheese
Updated over a week ago

A ‘Deposit Return Scheme’ (DRS) is launching in Ireland from 1st February 2024 and Customers will be required to pay a deposit in addition to the cost of beverages in plastic, aluminium, and steel containers.

The DRS has been introduced to improve sustainability by recycling, repurposing and reusing beverage packaging made of plastic, aluminium and steel materials. For that reason, all Restaurant and Grocery Partners will be responsible for ensuring they are compliant with the DRS by adding a deposit to all In Scope Products on their menu.

In Scope Products ✅

Not In Scope Products ❌

PET plastic bottles

Glass bottles

Aluminium drinks bottles and cans

Food cans

Steel drinks cans

Stand-up drinks pouches

Any mix of the above

Any mix of the above

There are two deposit amounts, depending on the size of the container; 0.15c (150 - 500 ml) and 0.25c (501 ml - 3 L). Customers will be charged for any in scope product they buy and partners will receive payments weekly which will be clearly listed on their payment statement. Customers will be able to return their used packaging to Reverse Vending Machines and receive a refund on their deposit.

Next steps for Deliveroo Restaurant and Grocery partners:

You can start testing the new deposit from Mid-January and you can start updating your menu from today.

Menu Manager Partners

  • From 18th December, you can update your menus in preparation for 1st February. The deposit will only appear on the menu from this date

    For every in scope product, you must:

    1. Select the deposit amount to be paid

    2. Select the items per pack if a multipack or bundle

Modifier Items

  • If there is a difference between the deposit fees for the main item and the modifier, such as a 500ml water bottle with a 15c deposit and a 1.25-litre bottle with a 25c deposit, a 10c deposit fee should be assigned specifically to the modifier item

Menu API Partners

  • You can now start updating your integration(s) prior to testing in January

    For every in scope product, you must populate two new fields provided by Deliveroo:

  1. Select the deposit type as “Deposit_Fee”

  2. Insert the deposit amount (15c or 25c)

Note - for multipacks, you must multiply the pack size by the deposit amount e.g 6 cans of coke would be a deposit amount of 90c

Order API Partners

  • You can now start updating your integration(s) prior to testing in January

  • If you are POS integrated with Deliveroo via an API, we have provided you with an option to be able to identify DRS items within Order Payload by creating two new objects

  1. Each item and modifier now includes an Item_Fees object to be filled in

  2. We have implemented a Fee_Breakdown object that consolidates all DRS Fees related to the order

  3. The Order’s Total Price, shared within the order, now incorporates the overall DRS fee

For more information on the Irish DRS

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