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FAQs: Rider Receipt Scanning
FAQs: Rider Receipt Scanning

Common questions on Receipt Scanning features

Written by Aaron Mallet
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What is Rider Receipt Scanning?

Receipt Scanning Rider Experience

  • Receipt scanning replaces the existing pickup process on the Rider app.

  • Riders will use their phone camera to "scan" each receipt individually and locate the printed 4-digit order ID.

  • If the correct ID is detected, the rider can mark the order as "collected," and a photo of the receipt will be uploaded to Deliveroo.

  • If the Rider scans the wrong ID, they will receive feedback to try again.

  • In case the ID cannot be scanned, the rider can manually override it by taking a photo of the receipt.

What are the benefits of Receipt Scanning?

Receipt scanning helps minimise the risk of incorrect order collections helping improve the overall rider and customer experience.

What should I do if there are multiple riders assigned for a large order?

For large orders with multiple riders assigned for collection, please print additional receipts and attach them to the bags.

How will receipt scanning work if order numbers are handwritten on the bags?

Receipt scanning is designed to work primarily with receipts. However, it will work with handwritten order numbers as long as they are neatly written.

What happens if riders are having issues scanning the receipt?

  • Please prompt the rider to double-check that the order they've scanned matches the order number in the rider app. If not, it’s the wrong order!

  • If riders are having trouble scanning the receipt, for example, if it’s damaged or missing, remind riders that they can take a photo of the receipt instead.

  • Finally, riders might need to be reminded to allow camera permissions in their device settings.

Will receipt scanning be available for all sites?

  • Receipt scanning will initially be available to all sites. If a large proportion of riders become unable to automatically scan at your site, you will be placed into monitoring mode, and the % of receipt scans will be reduced to just 10% of orders. This will be updated automatically every week

How can sites regain access to receipt scanning if they have been placed in monitoring mode?

  • Receipt scanning will remain on for 10% of orders. To restart receipt scanning on 100% of orders, you must simply improve your receipts or labelling, and then we will automatically restart your eligibility based on your latest weekly data.

How can a site be ready for successful receipt scanning?

  • For sites that use receipts, the Deliveroo order number should be prominent and clearly identifiable on the receipt.

  • For sites that don't use receipts, the order number should be neatly written on a clearly identifiable part of the bag (e.g. a sticker).

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