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Frequently asked questions about the Value Programme
Frequently asked questions about the Value Programme

Common questions on the Value Programme

Written by Shanice-Daniella Midda
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Where can I find information on the Value Programme?

85% of Deliveroo customers said ‘Value for Money’ was important when choosing which restaurant to order from. The Value Programme is designed to help customers find those restaurants that offer great value for money. Learn more about the Value Programme here.

What if I’m Not Happy With My Score?

If you’re not happy with your score you should review your Service, Quality & Prices indicators on Hub. If you are still unhappy with your Value Score you can contact us via Hub or your Account Manager.

If you believe your price mark-up metric is incorrect or you have recently changed your prices, please contact us via Hub where you can select:

  1. "Incorrect Transcription" for incorrect in-store prices.

  2. "Menu Update" for recent menu changes.

The process to do this in Hub is as follows:

  1. Download your price mark-up data from the Hub Homepage here.

  2. In the downloaded CSV data file, go to column I and do the following:

    • Add ‘Updated Dine-in Prices’ in the header

    • Add your updated prices

    • Add price in column I where your prices are correct. There is no need to add anything if the item prices are correct.

  3. If an item listed in the CSV file does not exist in your dine-in menu then remove the updated price for that specific item and write ‘Not on dine-in menu’ instead.

  4. Go to Hub → ‘Contact us’ —> raise a ticket.

  5. Provide an updated menu PDF/image(s) and a corrected CSV file with accurate prices (ensuring all items in CSV are visible).

  6. IMPORTANT: prices on the CSV must match those on the PDF/image(s) to avoid rejection. You will also need to provide evidence of your dine-in prices within 72 hours of appealing otherwise your case will be closed and you will not be able to appeal again for 6 months.

  7. We review appeal history to ensure fairness. If we suspect fraud or abuse of the process we may reject your appeal.

  8. If you are suspended due to a continuous ‘Action’ Value score, you can appeal your suspensions (following 60 days of being suspended).

    Only use this process if your in-store prices are incorrect, not if you have lowered your Deliveroo prices which will automatically be reflected before your next monthly rating.

    Sites are unable to appeal their service data via this process but please see our Support Policy if you have questions about your service data.

How Do I Know If My Site’s Score Has Changed?

You’ll receive an email if your Value Score changes and you will be able to view your latest status in Hub, in the ‘Value Programme’ Section.

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