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Frequently asked questions about the Value Programme
Frequently asked questions about the Value Programme

Common questions on the Value Programme

Written by Shanice-Daniella Midda
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Where can I find information on the Value Programme?

As of November 2023, Deliveroo introduced a new Value Programme in response to customer feedback on the importance of providing good value for money: a good service at a fair price. The Value Programme is designed to reward restaurants that provide good value for money and incentivise those that don’t to improve their performance. Learn more about the Value Programme here.

What is the appeals process?

If you’re not happy with your score you should review your Service, Quality & Prices indicators on Hub. If you are still unhappy with your Value Score you can contact us via Hub or your Account Manager.

If you believe your price mark-up metric is incorrect or you have recently changed your in-store prices, please contact us via the Hub.

The process to do this in Hub is as follows:

  1. Log into Hub and select ‘Help’ from the navigation bar

  2. Go to the ‘Get in touch’ section

    • Select: “Appeal price mark-up”

    • Select: “My price mark-up score looks incorrect”

  3. Add any supporting information in the ‘Explain in a few sentences’ textbox

  4. Upload a photograph of your in-store menu via the ‘Upload a file’ button. This photo can be in a JPEG or PDF format.

  5. Click ‘Submit’

We review appeal history to ensure fairness. If we suspect fraud or abuse of the process we may reject your appeal.

Only use this process if your in-store prices are incorrect, not if you have lowered your Deliveroo prices which will automatically be reflected before your next monthly rating.

Sites are unable to appeal their service data via this process but please see our Support Policy if you have questions about your service data.

Why have I been suspended?

Deliveroo may suspend a site from the platform due to a consistently low performing Value score in accordance with the Value Programme Policy.

How can I be reactivated?

Sites can request to be reactivated if they fulfil the following criteria:

Service suspension

If you were suspended due to low performing Service metrics, then you will need to wait 60 days from the date of your suspension before a reactivation request can be considered. Once 60 days have passed, please complete this resolution plan and request reinstatement via Hub.

To do this, please go to the Hub Help Page → Get in touch → Account & Settings → Reopen Site.

Price suspension

If you were suspended due to high price mark-ups, then you can reduce this to less than 35% and request a site reactivation immediately. Please go to the ‘Help’ section of Hub, select the relevant information from the ‘Get in touch’ drop downs and upload photographs of your in-store menu, showing your less than 35% marked-up price items.

To do this, please go to the Hub Help Page → Get in touch → Value Programme → Reactive my site, markups reduced.

How do I know if my site’s Value score has changed?

You’ll receive an email if your Value Score changes and you will be able to view your latest status in Hub, in the ‘Value Programme’ Section.

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