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FAQ: Deliveroo Order Picker [Retail and Grocery Partners]
FAQ: Deliveroo Order Picker [Retail and Grocery Partners]
Written by Imaan Virani
Updated over a week ago

Why do I need to start using the Deliveroo Order Picker?

The Deliveroo Order Picker offers many benefits for you, your team and your customers.

By using the app, you’ll be able to reduce errors and, improve efficiency. It even allows you to pick orders on multiple devices when you’re busy.

We will no longer support the Restaurant Order Manager with retail-specific features going forward, so you'll need to use the Deliveroo Order Picker to have access to all new features and developments.

Can I use the Deliveroo Order Picker on the Sunmi device I have in-store?

No, you cannot download the Order Picker onto the Sunmi device, because it doesn’t have the features and capabilities needed to support the order picker and your picking process.

What settings do I need to enable on my device?

Make sure the app has either scanner access or camera access. We recommend using a laser scanner access, because data shows it’s better for accuracy. Also, check that you have disabled "optimise battery usage" on your device.

What do I do if the Order Picker stops working?

If you experience any issues with the Order Picker, let us know via the Hub’s Live Chat feature – we're more than happy to help you out. You can start a Live Chat here.

What is the criteria for a 'suitable/compatible device'?

You'll need an Android device that can support Android 8 to run the Deliveroo Order Picker. We strongly recommend having a barcode scanner to maximise speed and accuracy.

Currently, we have no plans to release the Order Picker on iOS.

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