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Setting up the Deliveroo Order Picker [Retail and Grocery Partners]
Setting up the Deliveroo Order Picker [Retail and Grocery Partners]

Get up and running in no time

Written by Imaan Virani
Updated over a week ago

Make managing orders a breeze by downloading the Deliveroo Order Picker to your store-owned device. Here’s our step-by-step guide to get you up and running.

1. Create logins for order pickers on the Deliveroo Hub.

  • To use the Order Picker you’ll need to create logins for your store staff.

  • Check out the help centre article here to see how to create logins on Hub

2. Make sure your store wifi network is not going to block the app

  • If your store’s wifi is managed centrally by your head office, there can sometimes be additional security limitations that are put on to your store’s wifi network

  • To make sure the Deliveroo Order Picker works, certain Deliveroo domains need to be allowed on your store’s network

  • This means you may need to confirm with your central IT team that this process is complete

The list of domains that must be allowed on your network is here.

3. Download the Order Picker and place a test order.

  • You can download the Deliveroo Order Picker by searching for it on the Google Play Store here

  • On the store device, log in to Deliveroo Order Picker using your store credentials so that you are ready to accept, pick and complete the test order

  • Place an order at your store using the Deliveroo consumer app – this is your test order

  • If you have a testing team, involve them in the testing process

4. Start accepting orders.

  • Once you have successfully completed a test order, turn off the Sunmi device and start accepting orders using the Order Picker

  • Remember to write the order number on the bag – this will help you to match the rider with the correct order

Need some help? Check out common frequently asked questions here.

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