Using MobiControl

You must have the latest version of MobiControl downloaded. Learn how to check you have the correct version installed.

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The MobiControl app is crucial for you to access all of the latest features that come with your Deliveroo partnership.

Having MobiControl means we can make sure you always have the latest ROM applications, without you having to do anything.

If your device does not have the MobiControl app installed, you will need to re-enroll, so you can access the latest updates and features from our Deliveroo ROM application.

How to check if your device has the MobiControl app installed.

  1. Go to the application drawer.

  2. Check if there is an app named “MobiControl” already installed.

If your device already has MobiControl installed:

  1. Make sure the device is connected to the internet.

  2. Open the MobiControl app

  3. Enter the enrollment ID (the code sent to you)

  4. Press “Enroll”.

If your device doesn’t have MobiControl installed,

Factor reset your device

  1. Go to Device settings → Search for “Factory Reset” → Tap on the reset.

  2. Make sure you erase all data including any data in internal storage. Don’t select any option to back up before the factory reset.

Register using Android For Work

  1. Start the device set-up process for the new device.

  2. Make sure you connect to the internet.

  3. On the Google login screen enter AFW#MOBICONTROL as the email. This will link the device with the MobiControl servers and download the “MobiControl” application.

  4. Finish device set-up as a new device.

  5. Once the set-up is finished, the MobiControl app will automatically open. If asked, grant necessary permissions (e.g. Draw over other apps permission).

Enroll the device

  1. Open the MobiControl app.

  2. Enter the Enrollment ID.

  3. Press “Enroll”.

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