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Meal Cards: a new way for Italian customers to pay (Italy only)
Meal Cards: a new way for Italian customers to pay (Italy only)

Discover how you can increase visibility through Edenred Ticket Restaurants on Deliveroo

Written by Aidan Baker
Updated over a week ago

We now offer customers in Italy the option to pay with meal cards at checkout when ordering from any restaurants partnered with both us/Deliveroo and Edenred.

Accepting meal cards is a great way to boost visibility for your restaurant.

Here’s some more information about meal cards:

What are meal cards?

Meal cards are vouchers that companies give to their employees as a benefit.

Employees often get 20 meal cards per month which roughly works out as one per day.

What can customers buy with meal cards?

Whilst customers can use meal cards to pay for food and drink, meal cards do not cover the cost of service fees and customers will need to use an alternative payment method to pay for this.

How meal cards will benefit you:

  • Lower commission rates on order value paid with meal cards

  • Extra visibility through:

    • Inclusion in the meal card dedicated section in app

    • Both Deliveroo and Edenred promotional activities

How to activate the meal cards feature:

Deliveroo and Edenred work together to identify our common Partners and inform them about the service.

If you have not been contacted yet, please reach out to your account manager or contact us using the “Help” section of Hub.


Will this affect my payments from Deliveroo?

The timing of your Deliveroo payments doesn’t change. They will remain weekly.

Will the terms of my partnership with Edenred be affected?

Any commercial agreements between you and Edenred will not change.

If you have any further questions related to this topic, you will need to reach out to Edenred.

Where can I find transaction details for meal card orders?

You can find the transaction details for any meal card orders in your usual Deliveroo weekly invoices and in your Edenred reports which are available on the section “Affiliati” of the Edenred website.

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