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FAQs: Multi-Site Stacking
FAQs: Multi-Site Stacking

Common questions on Multi-Site Stacking features

Written by Charlotte Tuxworth-Holden
Updated over a week ago

What is Multi-Site Stacking

Multi-Site Stacking is when a rider collects two orders from different restaurants and/or grocery partners.

Why are we introducing this feature?

We believe this will help us deliver more of your orders, especially during busy times while giving riders more earnings opportunities by completing more deliveries through the same platform, in the most efficient way possible.

As a Partner, how will I know if my Order is being stacked?

We do not currently provide information on stacked orders today and do not plan to share any additional information following this test.

What is the amount of time/distance between pick-ups?

The maximum time between rider pick-up times is not changing from the current 10 minutes. To prevent delays, only orders at nearby partners that are expected to be ready at the time of riders’ arrival will be considered for stacking.

What if hot food goes cold because it’s packed next to cold items from another partner?

Riders are asked to:

- Keep orders separate in a thermal bag

- In particular, Riders are asked to keep hot and cold items from different orders separate, and if they’re using a Deliveroo thermal bag to use the dividers to separate orders.

We take into account the delivery time of each order while taking a decision to match a rider to orders and plan to continue to improve the customer experience through enhancements to this feature.

Will Riders pick up from grocery and restaurant partners?

Yes, stacked orders can include both grocery and restaurant partners

What happens if a rider arrives at the second partner and does not have space in their bag to collect the order?

Wherever possible, we attempt to identify large orders upfront and prevent them from becoming stacked. On the occasions that it does happen, riders have the ability to request another rider to help deliver the order or unassign from the 2nd order. If the rider unassigns we will quickly assign a new rider to collect the order.

Can a rider choose not to pick up two orders from different locations?

Deliveroo riders are self-employed and can choose to reject any order they do not want to deliver, this feature will not change that, and riders will still be able to choose which orders they collect.

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