Change of Ownership

How to get your change of ownership approved as quickly as possible

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If you need to change the owner of your business, then below is a guide on how the process works and what you can do to get your request approved as quickly as possible.

Our team will acknowledge your request within 2 working days, however please allow 5-10 working days for the transfer process to be fully completed.

Are you the new owner?

If you are purchasing or have recently purchased an existing Partner on Deliveroo’s platform, then please complete our Change Of Ownership form and provide the business information that will be required to change owners.

Once this is successful and the request has been approved, you will be required to run through some security checks, sign a new contract with Deliveroo and provide your new bank details so we can update our payments.

Are you the previous owner?

If you are selling or have recently sold your Restaurant which is on Deliveroo’s platform, then please complete our Change Of Ownership form and provide the business information that will be required to change owners.

If your document’s are accepted , we will get in touch with the new owner to run some identity checks, collect bank details and sign a new contract with Deliveroo.

  1. The new/current owner completes our Change of Ownership form. Please find what documents can be accepted in our FAQs

  2. If your document has been rejected, then a member of our team will phone you within 24 hrs on your primary contact number to walk through why and what you can do for your request to be accepted

  3. Once accepted, we will send the new owner a link to complete our identity verification

  4. We will send the new owner a new contract to sign with Deliveroo

  5. If you are a new owner then we will ask for your bank details

  6. Once this contract is signed, we will update the account with the new owner's details

  7. Payments will be redirected to the new owner’s bank account on the following Thursday (please see FAQs for payment instructions)

  8. The new owner is now the main point of contact and can start trading on the Deliveroo platform.


What documents can be accepted?

Each document must provide every single page in the contract. Please note we cannot accept documents with missing pages or documents without a witness signature. You can submit up to 2 documents with a maximum file size of 10MB.

  • Lease Form

  • Asset Sales Agreement

  • Simple Legal Registration Form

  • Share Purchase Agreement

  • Partnership Agreement

  • Sub-lease

  • Franchise Agreement

  • Management Agreement

Tips for getting your application approved:

  • The document must be signed by all parties

  • Provide all pages of the documents, please do not miss out any pages or this will be an instant rejection

  • Must use full names, not just by company names

  • Previous owners name must match our records

  • Guarantors must be different to the two owners names

  • The Deliveroo ID must match our records

  • Do not use typed names in place of signatures

  • Not provide a word document (these are too easily edited)

  • Do not provide handwritten notes as these cannot be verified

  • We don’t accept irrelevant documents such as Utility Bills, Credit Applications, Insurance Forms etc.

  • Any documents dated older than 6 months will not be accepted

How long will this process take?

This process may take 5-10 business days if both the new owner and the existing/previous owner can provide the correct documentation to Deliveroo promptly. It may take longer if the incorrect documents are provided, or we do not receive a timely response from the owners.

How do I change payments to the new owner and when will this take effect?

Our team will update the bank details once the change of ownership has been approved and the change of bank details form has been completed. Payments are made every Thursday, so in order to redirect payments on the next available Thursday, your request will have to be approved 72 hrs prior to this.

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