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How to get your change of ownership approved as quickly as possible

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If you need to change the owner of your business, then this is a guide on how the process works and what you can do to get your request approved as quickly as possible. For this, you will need to provide some supporting documents.

Please note that if the documents specified below are not provided, your change of ownership request will be denied. In these cases, an agent will contact you to discuss what the issues are.

Change of ownership, key steps:

  1. The current owner logs into the Deliveroo Hub, where they can access the Change of Ownership form.

  2. The new/current owner completes the Change of Ownership form.

  3. If your document has been rejected, our team will phone you within 24 hours to discuss why and what you can do for your request to be accepted. If accepted, we will send the new owner a link to complete our identity verification and a new contract to sign with Deliveroo.

Once this contract is signed, we will update the account with the new owner's details. Payments will be redirected to the new owner’s bank account on the following Thursday (please see FAQs for payment instructions). The new owner is now the main point of contact and can start trading on the Deliveroo platform.

1. Updating your details through our online form

If you are selling your restaurant on the Deliveroo platform, or have recently become the owner of an existing restaurant partner, please complete our change of ownership form and provide the required business information outlined below.

This form can be requested from the Deliveroo Hub, under the Help page, which can be found in the bottom-left corner of the Hub screen. For guidance on how to log into the Deliveroo Hub, please click on this link.

Navigate to this section of the Hub, in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

In the Help section, please submit a request to one of our agents in the ‘Get in touch’ section. Here, please input a request similar to the one below and our agents will provide the necessary form via email.

Please fill in the request screen as seen above to be provided with the Change of Ownership request form.

Once this is successful and the request has been approved, you will gain access to the Change of Ownership form. It is hosted on the Typeform platform. Please fill in this form and we will then be able to process your change request.

You are then required to run through some identity checks, sign a new contract with Deliveroo, and provide your new bank details so we can update our payments.

This is an example of the Change of Ownership request form.

2. Completing the online change of ownership form

When you come to fill in the online form, we will ask for a number of details from you, including your Company Name, the Owner Name, and the Address of the site. We will also request that you provide at least one form of proof of ownership, stating that the new owner has legally acquired this restaurant or company.

Documents to provide proof of ownership

Please have ready a signed copy of proof of ownership (examples of accepted documents are set out below), which proves the change of ownership. Ensure that this document is signed and dated by all relevant parties and has been issued within the past 12 months.

Please also bring your Deliveroo ID. This can be found within the Hub, in your latest invoice. Simply click on ‘Invoices’ on the left hand side and click the relevant company.

The portal where you can upload your proof of ownership documentation.

What documents can be accepted?

Please provide at least one of the following types of supporting documentation. You can submit up to 2 documents with a maximum file size of 10MB.

  • Lease Form.

  • Asset Sale Agreement.

  • Share Purchase Agreement.

  • Partnership Agreement.

  • Sub-lease.

  • Franchise Agreement.

  • Management Agreement.

  • Registered Title(s): Whole Transfer (TR1).

Tips for getting your application approved

  • The document must be signed by all relevant parties, including any witnesses (where necessary).

  • Provide all pages of the documents, please do not miss out any pages or this will be an instant rejection.

  • Must use full names, not just by company names.

  • Previous owner’s name must match our records.

  • Guarantors must be different from the two owners' names.

  • Do not provide a Companies House document.

  • The Deliveroo ID must match our records.

  • Do not use typed names in place of signatures.

  • Do not provide a Word document (preferably, provide a PDF).

  • Do not provide handwritten notes as these cannot be verified.

  • We don’t accept irrelevant documents such as Utility Bills, Credit Applications, Insurance Forms etc.

  • Any documents dated older than 12 months will not be accepted.

  • Ensure accuracy in spelling across all documents, to allow us to verify the information quickly.

3. The outcome of your change of ownership request

Once your form submission has been submitted and received, one of our agents will review your details and supporting documents.

Unsuccessful change of ownership request

If your change request is not successful, a member of our team will be in contact within 24 hours, using your primary contact number, to discuss the reasons for rejection. During this conversation, they will explain what you will need to do to complete a successful change request.

You must then re-access the change of ownership form and submit another request.

Successful change of ownership request

If your change request has been accepted, a member of our team will be in contact with the new owner in order to perform identity verification checks, for which we will provide a link to complete.

After this has been successfully completed, we will send the new owner a contract to fill in to fully become a Deliveroo partner. Once this is filled in, they can start operating using our services. We will also need to update the bank details associated with the restaurant / company, so we will provide details to the new owner on how to complete this process.

To find out more about updating your bank details, please click here.

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