These features are currently running as an experiment for select partners in the UK and may be subject to change or withdrawal.

Does pressing ‘Order ready’ send a rider sooner?

It depends. Deliveroo’s systems will automatically send a rider to arrive when we think an order will be ready. We normally get these times right, but sometimes we overestimate how long you need. In these cases we’ll attempt to get you a rider sooner once you press ‘Order ready.’

When the network is busy, or if a rider is already on the way, this won’t always be possible. However, we would recommend that you continue to use ‘Order ready’ on every order. This way you can still provide Deliveroo’s models with valuable feedback on your actual prep times, so that we can make more accurate predictions for your next order.

Pressing the button will also send a notification to the rider that accepts the order to let them know it’s ready to collect immediately, once they arrive at the restaurant, which can help improve your operations and communication with riders.

If we forget to press ‘Order ready’ on an order, what happens?

We’ll still send a rider to pick up the order at the target pick up time as usual.

What happens if there’s no rider assigned yet?

You can still mark the order as ready, and this will alert our system to search for a rider to arrive sooner.

What about stacked orders?

You should separately mark each stacked order when it is ready, and our system will handle them.

Why has my ‘Order ready’ button been removed?

It’s important to never keep riders waiting when the ‘Order ready’ button is used. If we notice the ‘Order ready’ button consistently being used incorrectly, the feature will be removed. You can easily avoid this by only pressing the button once an order is ready to be collected.

Will using these buttons impact my prep time?

At the moment, both buttons will not feed directly into your prep time calculation. This will however come at a later stage as both buttons are compatible with the prep time model.

I used the ‘Need more time?’ feature but it did not delay the rider?

We’ll try our best to delay a rider arriving, however, this may not always be possible if a rider is already on the way. Please continue to use the button as it will still provide us with valuable feedback on your prep time.

Tip: the earlier you tell us that you need a delay, the more likely we are to be able to react.

After I use ‘Need more time?’ if the order is ready earlier than expected, what do I do?

In this situation just press the ‘Order ready’ button immediately to notify the rider.

When I use ‘Need more time?’ what is the impact on the customer?

When your kitchen is under a lot of pressure, ‘Need more time?’ lets you ask for a bit longer to get that order ready and avoid making riders wait. Remember though, customers will still be expecting their food as soon as possible so only use it when you need to.

How is ‘Need more time?’ different from ‘Busy mode’?

‘Need more time?’ operates at the order level, and can still be used after an order has been placed. Busy mode only applies to orders that have not yet been placed.

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