The Deliveroo Order Picker makes picking your customer’s orders easier.

How it works

When an order comes in, you’ll get a notification which will appear on the screen. Tap it to review what’s in the order.

Picking the order

Pick the first item from the shelf. On your device, swipe the item from left to right. The item you’ve picked moves from ‘In picking ’to ‘Picked’. Keep marking items as picked as you pick them from the shelves.

Substituting an item

Is something in the order out of stock? Read about how to substitute unavailable items.

Removing an item

If an item isn’t in stock, you can remove it from the order.

  1. Swipe right to left on the item.

  2. Options appear on the right. Hit Remove.

Undoing a Substitute or Removal

Found the original item? No problem.

To undo a substitution:

  1. Hit Picked at the top

  2. Select the substituted item

  3. Swipe right to left

  4. Select Undo

To undo a removal:

  1. Hit Removed at the top

  2. Select the item

  3. Swipe right to left

  4. Select Undo

Completing an order

When every item is picked, hit Complete order at the bottom. You can no longer edit the order.

If you don’t hit Complete, we won’t send a rider and your order might end up being delivered late or being rejected.

Handing your order to a rider

After your order’s completed, your order will move into Rider collecting. You’ll be able to see how far away the rider is. Make sure the rider has the right order when you hand it over.

When it’s collected, it’ll move into Rider delivering.

After an order is delivered

If you need to look at an old order, you can see orders from the last few days in Past orders.

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