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Understanding Offer performance
Understanding Offer performance

How to understand your Marketer offers report and improve performance each time

Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago

When your Deliveroo Marketer offer goes live, you’ll see a report explaining how well it is performing. Below you'll find information about how to learn and improve each time.

Key terms explained
Here are some handy definitions to help you understand your reports.

The number of times a customer placed an order using your offer

Gross Revenue
The total value of all orders placed

Discount spend
The total amount discounted from this offer, either in discount or delivery cost

Net revenue
The total revenue made from this offer, minus the discount spend

New customers
The number of customers who ordered from your restaurant for the first time after redeeming your offer

The number of customers who have ordered from your restaurant before

Average rating
The average rating given by customers who placed an order using this offer

Lapsed customers

Customers who have ordered from you before but not in the last 56 days

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