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Adding and editing additional languages on your menu (UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar)
Adding and editing additional languages on your menu (UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar)

Add, edit and remove languages on your menu.

Written by Ash H
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We support menus in multiple languages in the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar. The language displayed to the customer will be the one set on their phone.

Please note: only admin role users can use this feature.

What menu information do you need to add an additional language?

  • Menu descriptions

  • Category names

  • Category description

  • Item names

  • Item descriptions

  • Option names

  • Option description

  • Option choice names

Please note that full menu translations are required for any additional languages. Updates may not be retained if the menu is not fully translated.

What additional languages are supported in each market?

Additional language options are limited by market and aren’t yet supported in all markets. Please check the table below to see what languages are supported in each market.


Supported Market


Kuwait, UAE, Qatar


  • If you are adding a language you are not fluent in, please use a professional translator

  • Make sure the name and description match across languages to give customers a consistent experience

How to add or edit an additional language to your menu:

  • Log into Hub and navigate to the “Menu Manager” page

  • Select “Edit menu” for the menu you wish to add an additional language for

  • Select “Edit item” and Click “Add additional languages”

  • Enter the menu descriptions, categories, items and options in your additional language and Click “Save”

  • Don’t forget to click “Publish” for your saved changes to appear to customers

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