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FAQs: Item substitutions (Grocery partners only)
FAQs: Item substitutions (Grocery partners only)

Common questions and our responses on item substitutions for orders

Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago

What are price thresholds and how are they set?

There are two important price thresholds:

  1. Max Price: Any unavailable items above this price can’t be substituted.

  2. Max Price Difference: This is how much cheaper or expensive a replacement item can be compared to the original price of the unavailable item.

By default, thresholds are set based on the market standards for your region. If you want to change your thresholds, please reach out to us via Hub.

How will Deliveroo adjust payments when there’s a cost difference for substitutions?

Substitute items can be cheaper or more expensive than the unavailable item, enabling you to offer a range of substitutes.

  • For more expensive substitutes, we’ll only charge a commission on the original item price. In this case, partners will cover the cost difference between the original item and the substitute item.

  • For cheaper substitutes, we’ll refund customers the difference in price between the original and substitute item, and charge a commission on the cheaper substitute price.

What happens if a customer rejects a substitute?

Once an order has been delivered, the customer can reject the substitute by contacting customer service through Order Help or calling Care. We’ll refund the customer for the amount charged.

What if no substitute is available for the in-store picker to select?

If a customer has chosen to substitute an item but no substitute is available, the picker can amend the order and remove the item.

How do I expand my menu to include substitutions?

To make the most of the substitute feature, you need enough substitute items available on your menu. You can easily add more menu items using Menu Manager in Hub. Learn more about menu manager here.

How will it show up on the invoice?

  • For substitutes that are more expensive than the unavailable item, there won’t be any reference on the account statements because no financial transaction has taken place between Deliveroo and the partner.

  • For substitutes that are cheaper, the commission charge is lower. So on your account statements, you’ll see an entry that shows a refund on commission.

How do I adjust which items can be substituted, and which items can be used as substitutes?

To make adjustments to your settings for substitute items, go to Menu Manager or make these changes via the Menu API.

  • If there’s an item on your menu that you don’t want to substitute if it’s unavailable, select the item. Then, when asked “If this item is out of stock, can it be substituted?” select “No”.

  • If there’s an item on your menu that you don’t want to be used as a substitute, select the item. Then, when asked “Can this item be used as a substitute for another?” select “No”.

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