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How to get access to Marketer Adverts & Offers
How to get access to Marketer Adverts & Offers

Learn about the changes we’ve made and the new criteria for getting access to Marketer.

Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago

What is Marketer?

Marketer is our promotional tool for partners. It allows you to create adverts and offers to drive growth for your business.

You can find Marketer in Hub, where you can use it to create Adverts and Offers:

  • Adverts make your business more visible to customers when they use the Deliveroo app.

  • Offers allow you to create deals that attract customers and encourage them to order more.

What changes have we made?

Access to Marketer Adverts & Offers is now based on your business’ operational performance. We measure performance using three* criteria, which you can read about below.

We’ll assess performance three days before the first day of each month. If your business meets all the performance criteria, you’ll keep your access to Marketer (Adverts & Offers) for a full month from the first day of that month.

If it doesn’t meet one or more of the criteria, you won’t be able to access Marketer (Adverts & Offers) for a full month. You can get access to Marketer (Adverts & Offers) again when your business meets all the criteria.

How do we measure performance?

We use three* criteria to measure performance:

  • Rejections must be fewer than 8%. Rejections are orders that your business doesn’t accept.

  • Star rating must be 3.8 or more. This is the average rating from customers who review your business.

  • Orders prepared late** must be fewer than 22%. These are orders that are handed over to our riders more than five minutes after the target prep time. (excluding Marketplace+ partners)

*If you are in the UK a fourth criterion will apply, FSA Hygiene Rating. This is the rating given to your business by the Food Standards Authority (FSA). This must be 3 or more, or ‘Awaiting Inspection’/‘Pass’/‘Exempt’.

**If you’re a Marketplace+ partner, orders prepared late won’t apply. Instead, we’ll use the M+ customer experience metric. This is the percentage of orders that had claims marked as delivered but not received by the customer, or delivered late. This must be below 2.5%.

How to check your performance

You can check how your business is performing against these Eligibility Criteria in Hub except for the Marketplace+ criterion which is not yet available. Here you can see key areas for improvement, which will help you improve your customers’ experience.

Where to find help

If your business is underperforming in any of the criteria, don’t worry. You can find out how to improve these areas by reaching out to our partner support teams via our regular contact channels here or by reading this help centre article: Ways to improve your customer satisfaction.

You can contact us if you have any questions or complaints in relation to a suspension or lifting of suspension. Please see this website for our contact details:

Please see here a link to the terms and conditions, which we have updated to cover this new function.

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