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Ratings and reviews in the Deliveroo App
Ratings and reviews in the Deliveroo App

Review, view and moderate – it makes everyone’s experience better

Written by Josh Cooper
Updated over a week ago

Customer ratings and reviews are published directly to the Deliveroo app, so they can be seen by everyone, not just you. This helps you understand your customers better and improve your relationship with them, as well as, create a better overall customer experience.

What can customers do?

On the reviews page in the Deliveroo app, customers can see all individual ratings, reviews, and tags, sorted by most recent reviews, as well as a summary of the ratings breakdown. They’ll also be able to view and rate their past orders through their order history page, as well as delete their own past ratings and reviews as necessary

What can partners do?

Visit the 'ratings and reviews' section on Hub, to reply to your customer reviews and help resolve a question or issue. Customers will receive your reply as an email, replies will not be shown in the Deliveroo app. If you see a review that you think breaks our rules, you can submit a report to us through the Deliveroo app by clicking on the three dots next to the review or speaking to one of our team via the ‘Help’ tab on Hub.

How do we moderate reviews?

We care about our customers’ experience but also about maintaining our partners’ reputation. That’s why we’ll always moderate reviews carefully.

Reviews submitted to Deliveroo have to meet our high standards of quality, safety and trust. We reserve the right to remove any content that violates these guidelines. Users who repeatedly violate content guidelines may have their reviewing rights revoked and/or their accounts removed.

For more detail, please see our “Deliveroo Terms Of Use For Website And Applications” and the Community Guidelines here.

  1. Spam and fake content:

    Reviews submitted on Deliveroo should be based on actual ordering experiences, and should not attempt to influence your ratings positively or negatively. If we think any reviews might not be genuine they’ll be removed.

  2. Inappropriate and offensive content:

    Users must be respectful in their reviews. Any reviews that are inappropriate or offensive will be removed. This includes:

    • Profanity

    • Derogatory or racist comments

    • Sexually explicit language

    • References to illegal activity

    • Violent, threatening, or abusive language

  3. Threats and harassment:

    Deliveroo is a safe community for partners, your staff, riders and customers. We’ll remove any content that threatens, harrasses, or discriminates against any individual or group of individuals.

  4. Personally-identifiable information:

    To keep everyone’s information safe, we ask users never to share personally identifiable information in their reviews. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, order numbers, or credit card numbers If this information is included, it will be removed.

  5. Advertising and promotions:

    Reviews should not include advertisements or promotions for any businesses or ventures, particularly other partners or delivery services. Any instances of this will be removed.

  6. Defamatory accusations:

    To make sure reviews remain safe and accurate, we’ll remove instances of defamatory accusations against your business, riders, and Deliveroo. This could include accusations of food poisoning, withholding allergy information, deliberately making food arrive late, not delivering food at all or an illegal activity.

  7. Off-topic content:

    Reviews should be focused on experiences related to your business and the items you sell only. Reviews that overly focus on Deliveroo, experiences with the rider or delivery process, or other situations that are outside of the restaurant’s control will be removed.

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