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Customer Live Order insights on your receipts and tablet
Customer Live Order insights on your receipts and tablet

How to spot new, repeat or frequent customers from your tablet or receipt

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Create a more memorable customer experience using Live Order insights on your receipt or tablet.

Your order insights tell you if your delivery customer is new, repeat or frequent, so you can customise their order.

How to tell who's who

  • New customers = their first order with you, these orders will have one shopping bag on their receipt for easy identification

  • Regular customers = their second, third or fourth order with you, three shopping bags will appear on their receipt

  • Frequent customer = your customers for five or more orders, five shopping bags will appear on their receipt

Personalising orders for your customers

You'll easily be able to see these bags (see above) on your receipt and tablet when an order comes in. Why not include a thank you note or sticker?

Giving your customer an experience that makes them feel valued could be as simple as writing a note on their packaging ("Thanks for ordering with us again") or for frequent customers you'd might add a little extra treat to say thank you too.

Adding customer's names makes your 'thank you' even more personal.

If you do add a free item, make sure you share allergen information in your note or sticker.

Personalising orders for your new customer

Big order from a new customer? If they enjoyed your food and live nearby, chances are they'll order again.

Giving them a thank you note or a little extra treat will help keep you in mind next time they decide where to order from. Again, don't forget to add allergen information.

How should I use Live Order insights?

Acting on your order frequency insights can help you to increase your customer retention over time.

For example you could including a 'thank you' note from your business, a free drink or a surprise treat, for frequent customers.

Who can see Live Order Insights?

Customer order frequency insights are available to anyone with access to the Deliveroo order receipt, Deliveroo tablet and all Hub users regardless of team role.

Live Order insights on customer frequency are not currently available for POS integrated partners.

How does customer frequency work if I have more than one business on Deliveroo?

Customer frequency is counted (see above 'How to tell who's who') by orders placed by a customer for a specific restaurant site.

If you have several sites with the same brand, your customer will only be identified as a new, repeat or frequent customer for each individual site.

Do I have to reward my customers?

You are in no way obliged to materially reward customers. How you deliver your services to customers, such as giving away free items, is at your discretion.

We know that lots of partners like to know who's ordering from them, and it can be hard to spot. That's why we created Live Order insights.

If you do give a customer an extra item, be sure to include allergen information too. More information on our allergens policy.

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